Kids Challenge Day 5

Today’s challenge is about worship.  Just because we are not meeting at church like we normally do, doesn’t mean that we are not worshipping God.  The last time we met for Children’s Choir, we talked about worship and watched a video about worship.  We learned that we can worship ANYWHERE!

Sunday, you can worship with us by watching the Facebook service or by listening to us on the radio.  Find a spot at home that you can use to worship God.  Think about some of the things that you can put in this spot to help you worship.  Make a list of your ideas and post it so we can help each other get ready to worship. Be creative.
Post with the hashtag #spencerkidsworship


We won’t have challenges over the weekend, but you can get BONUS POINTS by posting a picture of yourself watching/listening to worship on Sunday. Just use the same hashtag. #spencerkidsworship

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