Join us in praying for the things listed on this site.  We will be updating regularly, so check back often. Feel free to email us if you would like to add a prayer concern to our Night to Shine Prayer Board.
Sunday (1/24):
The body of Christ is composed of many members. We may not always agree on everything, but that doesn’t make one person or church better than another. We need each and every person, just as a body can’t function well without every single part! Please pray that Night to Shine churches, would reach across denominational “lines” and seek to glorify God together through this event.
Wednesday (1/27):
There is strength in numbers… a house divided against itself cannot stand. Please pray that churches will keep first things first: Jesus Christ exalted and lifted up. Pray that God’s people would not get bogged down with differences and instead pursue peace, being of one heart and mind.
Saturday (1/30):
The message of the Gospel is life changing! Please pray that the Holy Spirit would empower these pastors to boldly and effectively share the Gospel message and that many would come to a saving knowledge of the truth.
Tuesday (2/2):
Hosting a prom, even a virtual one, is a big job and can be exhausting at times. Please pray that everyone involved in planning Night to Shine would find their strength in Christ, resting and abiding in Him. Also,
please pray for protection from spiritual attack for all aspects of Night to Shine.
Monday (1/25)
A common problem Christians struggle with is pride and self-righteousness. The truth is, we are all on a level playing field as each of us is saved ONLY by Jesus’s sacrifice. Please pray that we would be completely
humble and strive to “out-do” one another in showing honor.
Thursday (1/28):
Being the shepherd of a flock is a huge responsibility, and there are many burdens to bear. Please
pray that all Night to Shine pastors would be encouraged as they lead others in following Jesus. Please also pray that they would be filled with the Holy Spirit as they welcome honored guests and their families into the fellowship of the body of Christ.
Sunday (1/31):
Prom night is in less than 3 weeks! There are so many details to coordinate between now and then,
and it can be overwhelming at times. Please pray for peace and that all the pieces will fall in place for this special
night, according to God’s will.
Wednesday (2/3):
Tuesday (1/26):
Scripture tells us that the world will know we are Christians by our love for one another. Jesus set us the perfect example of love by laying down His life for us and the church is called to do likewise. Please pray that
God’s people would spur one another on toward love and good deeds, loving each other deeply and sincerely.
Friday (1/29)
With the eyes of so many watching, the enemy likes to bring down those in spiritual leadership. Please pray that pastors would be shielded from the attack of the enemy and the desires of the flesh, and be controlled by the Holy Spirit. Pray that they would live lives of purity, humility, love and honor.
Monday (2/1)
Please pray for creativity and wisdom in the planning process. There are many decisions to be made regarding gifts, communication, deliveries, Shine-Thru’s, and a myriad of other things! Please pray for discernment in the scheduling and organization of all the plans.
Thursday (2/4):